30 day challenge blend: Day 1

(30 day challenge) 1. Write some basic facts about you.

hi. My name is Ronnie/I’m 5’10”/curly hair/have a bunch of shoes/like to be kind towards people/off the wagon vegetarian. (Just kidding. I haven’t been a vegetarian since ‘04. At this point, I can’t even see the wagon or the tracks, lol.)

(2011 conclusion/2012 introduction) 1. What has been your most memorable moment in 2011?

Initially, I didn’t know how I would answer this, because 2011 (although it isn’t technically over) has been a type of blur. Then it came to me.

I’d say, without a shadow of a doubt, the most memorable moment was meeting my soulmate. I’ve heard of such connections existing, but didn’t really put too much stock in it. I’m glad & fortunate to have found out those types of connections do exist.