.fly free.

I have been plagued by relationships that weighed…something like a ton, but more like me down. In recent years, I’ve discovered more about myself than I knew in any other stretch of life. One important thing being: I’m a bit of a free spirit. And as ‘typical’ as that may sound, my perception on how I need to live is not the same. I don’t need to be “free”, per se…I just need the room to fly. It’s like, a bird may have the option to fly 30,000ft…but they settle for a few hundred. It’s where they are comfortable. (Also, we’ll ignore the fact that birds would have little to no oxygen to work with.) My current relationship gives me that ‘air’ I desire. I don’t like being controlled, or feeling like that whatever I do is working against a clock or side eye. I am responsible enough to know how to deal with the freedom & the ‘power’ that goes along with it. Trust me, is all I’ve ever asked. Rule me, is all that it has ever felt like. Until now.

I’m free, flying, with love right beside me.