For the religious.

I was thinking earlier “Thank God for quick-witted women…and those with a sharp sense of humor.” Then I thought, is it somehow unholy to point out something that you’re thankful for? Is “He” not a jealous God? I mean, if I put all of this together, only for you to nitpick through my shit like a 6 year old who doesn’t want to eat the healthy parts of his dinner, I think I’d be a little bit pissed. So, should one have to be thankful for both sides of the coin? “Thank you, Lord, for kind-hearted individuals….and thank you for the selfish assholes, too. Because that’s just how I’m supposed to do things.” I mean, I’m not about to thank a damn soul for slow, doofus, basic humored birds who crown Martin Lawerence as their comedic champion, anyway. But I just figured it to be an interesting thought.