It's about time.

Aside from the usual “I’m tired of social networks” bi-weekly bi-monthly feelings every once in a while, I just really feel like I’m burned out on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr etc. So everything something must go. I think I’ll just stop using Facebook, & work my way towards not using Twitter as well. Tumblr may be a constant, maybe…mainly due to me wanting to do all of these 30 day blogposts.

It’s about time. I spend far too much of it looking at my phone, and not looking at my life…which, while not set the way I want it to be (as of yet), is pretty decent overall. I’ve been waiting for that; it’s about time.

Sure, I could have waited until I had something worthwhile to say, then deaded all three…but that’s been done before ( and much better than I ever could have.

The real trick will be if I can pull off being an involved friend to all of the people I (used to) interact with so regularly. See if I can transition that allotted time to my relationships.