Man, Irrational Black Woman Meme just made Scum Bag steve my 2nd favorite meme.


I’m just going to say Fuck this meme.

Last time you’ll see this on my blog.

I don’t really have any words. Where is everyone that was quick to insult what I said when this one was created?

I wouldn’t have even made my meme if this hadn’t been created.

But I thought my dashboard would like to see this.

Because food stamps, wic, and section 8 means you aren’t independent. Alright. Ignorance. Blatant ignorance. Usually I don’t get mad at stuff like this but this just pissed me the hell off. 

 Pure ignorance. The thing about most generalizations, is that you can find them in any ‘race’, sex, or whatever other microscoping category one decides to make out of thin air.

I’m all for free speech. With that being said, Fuck this meme & the dickhead who created it, btw.