My Blog Has Words On It: This has been Myspaced.


This hasn’t been exciting or fun for a while now.
The only reason I’m still here is because my only means of communicating with some of you is here

Ahhh this started out so cool.
There weren’t many people here so it was easy to differentiate between people. Everyone had their own style of blogging and posted their own shit.
Now, most of you guys are the same… You don’t stand out at all. 
Once you change your name or picture, I no longer have any idea of who you are. That shit’s weak.

It’s super common with the guys… your whole “trill, trap, troll” style is super cliche and I can’t even tell you all apart anymore. It’s sad to see how you all copy each other… Ol “Same.” ass niggas. Ahaha

There are a few people that I follow who still have a personal style and when they post something, I can tell that it’s them before I even look at their avatar. But… yeah man… This is tired.