Notes on A Scandal: race as a social construct


When I say that race is a social construct I don’t mean that race is irrelevant (of course, the people who say this are normally just looking for an excuse for me to start pretending like I don’t notice that my blackness makes my life different). Then it just turns into the ‘but we’re all human & we all bleed red!’ argument that’s used to justify overlooking the particular concerns of blacks “for the greater good” of humanity

when really, if I say that race is social construct I mean that race shouldn’t be a factor, seeing as it’s no more (biologically) consequential than hair or eye color.

I’m saying, ya’ll is trifling creating an entire system predicated upon the superiority of whiteness & what people with whiteness think and do when there is no factual basis to that at all.

It’s literally the most disastrous fairy-tale every created by mankind.

But a fairy-tale it is. And I’ll keep that in mind when I’m in my white-centered classes & if I ever happen to turn on a TV (I don’t have one atm), and around white people who didn’t get the memo. Or didn’t want to, since this myth serves them so well.

 Thank you for this. I’m glad there are people aware of such.