occasionally pensive: my father & I


There is a privilege in being able to present vulnerability as a woman & receiving validation in that presentation.

It has me thinking of ‘white woman tears’. I’ve got tears too. Tears that have been facilitated by my childhood and upbringing in general I guess.

Someone said, in response to a…

Awesome post. I feel that every girl should be treated like a ‘princess’, sans the negative ideals that accompany them. As for white women who seemingly attempt to abandon that, it’s two-fold for me: on one hand, women are yet & still oppressed…yet, there is still a buffer, if you will, between white women’s suffering and black women’s suffering. And some of them may feel bad. Some of them may feel that being deemed a princess is ‘crippling’, and shedding that label is their way of rolling up their proverbial sleeves in order to snatch the respect of equality deserved. Either way, we as people never seem to give ourselves enough credit in being multi-faceted: we cannot be the protector and the protected, the brave (one moment) and the cowardly (the next), the lover and the killer.

And that is not to say that the multi-layering has to be all opposite ends of the spectrum, but in society it seems that a ‘princess’ is not perceived to be a provider, as well. That just should not be the social perspective, in my opinion. Single mothers who have had no choice but to be that warrior, that fighter, that breadwinner…do they not deserve to be treated like royalty? Did they have to trade in their tiaras for shields? I say no.

(sorry for this elongated response, lol)