I gotta keep reminding myself that people in my life haven’t been through the things that I’ve been through. So what seems like tic tac toe to me, may seem like Chinese Algebra to them(in regards of their comprehension/understanding of why this is this, and that is that). I’m very much aware of the other side of this coin: that they perhaps have been through things that I have not…so when certain behaviors pop up, I try to not take offense & what have you. If I’m told that it’s not personal, that’s even more reason for me to NOT take it personal. So for good reason (I think), I get irked when someone tries to take somethin personal that has NOTHING to do with em…it’s almost selfish in my eyes, especially when a known isolated issue is being dealt with/worked through. Back out of the spotlight for a second! Since you’re begging for the attention so badly, yes, NOW it’s about you. It’s drawn my focus, and with the focus comes my ire. *Drake voice* Congratulations.