So let me get this straight...

People wanted Troy Davis’ life spared, & it wasn’t. (Understandable) Enragement ensued.

Samuel Crowe’s life was spared last minute, …and enragement ensues??

For those of you who are a part of the mob that is mad over Crowe’s clemency, fuck all of you, seriously. While placing these cases side by side, racism is apparent…that’s not how you’re to go about things. CASE-BY-CASE basis is the order of the day. Understanding that Troy Davis’ life deserved to be spared and was not (especially when compared to Crowe’s case, who confessed that he murdered the victim), does NOT make me mad that Samuel Crowe wasn’t sentenced to death; it merely brings up questions. Questions that I pretty much already know the answer to, but questions nonetheless. But I am also happy that a man’s life was spared from humans playing the God that they believe in - whether guilty or innocent.