.strawberry painted (naked).

Asked her if she would be
Whatever I needed, for me.
I positioned her,
and envisioned her,
as my canvas:
Whether physically or mentally -
How my work of art would take…
Place, take off, take….shape -
It would all happen ‘artistically’.
Hands furiously moving about
As if I were molding her clay.
Eyes focused on the end,
Couldn’t break my gaze.
When I finished, I had traced
Every single inch of her body
In a manner that could only be
considered “Delicately”.
And the canvas was so sticky,
From where my brushstrokes
evoked the wilder side of her.
A silhouetted Strawberry Blaze
Set on the backdrop of a white sheet,
And she was breathless
At witnessing what my paintbrush could do.