The Key to the Lock.

I have taken to living life in a way

that can only be described as overly compromising.

Thought I learned earl that compromising was key

to easy going discussions, easy going relationships…

an easy-going me.

I was partially right, honestly -

because compromising was like a drug

and I would consistently O.D.

While it would make me feel good initially,

people would notice that I was losing myself


So what once was key transformed to a lock

because who I am was trapped inside of me,

for the sake of getting along and seeing no wrong and

letting everyone else be a little more free.

But what about me?

Stashed away so long with invisible chains on,

humming slave songs so recognizably -

I don’t ven recognize myself when I visit.

And self’s health is takng a turn for the worst,

while I walk the streets helping someone like themselves…

and hopefully, like me.

The same me who isn’t free to be

Who I really am, vying for what I really want

All in the name of trying to help and fit in society.

That ends today. I am turning this key

and setting myself free.

I compromise. For me.