There isn't a real point.

…to this post. Just a bunch of random things, really.

  • Keana & Brittney came into town Thursday. We had fun & talked shit all weekend…& of course drank liquor. (BTW, follow @DatGria on Twitter & order some fine tasting Sangria!)
  • The only things that would have made this weekend better: If Jessica could have made it, if another day was added to the weekend, & if my girlfriend could have spent more time hanging out.
  • Which reminds me, I love when my friends interact & get along well with her. & it’s so natural, you know?
  • I’m sleepy as Hell. That’s neither here nor there.
  • I hate when people make noise in the bathroom. Shit is irritating. The bathroom should be treated like a Library & sound should be banned. Making exasperated sounds like you’ve been holding your bladder for the last three months? Go ‘head with that.
  • Hi Janai. =o)
  • BULLS.