You Get A Pass

Today I was sitting in Ethics class, listening to my teacher speak on Laws and Punishments…then my phone started vibrating in my pocket. Typically, if it’s a text or BBM, it’ll only ring twice. By the 4th ring, I was fishing my phone out to see who in the HELL world could be calling me at this moment? The caller ID:


Very well, but he’s been dead since February and quite incapable of using cell phones ever since…and I heard God doesn’t allow them in Heaven because they are traded in for the ability to fly with your wings. Anyway, I had a brief moment of horror…and coupled with my dream from last night, which my dad basically came back from the perished, needless to say I was a little bit shook.

Turned out to be my auntie, who’s had his phone since the day of the funeral. I don’t know why she didn’t bother calling from her own cell, or even her work phone, or even why she was carrying his phone around in the first place…but she gets a pass under the ‘old people didn’t really think that situation through’ act. And that’s my main point of this post…sometimes you gotta give old people a pass, cuz they don’t understand the magnitude of their actions. Kinda like that one old cousin who tries to hold a full scale convo on Facebook with you………….in the comment section of one of your pictures.

(.__. )