- 76 (revisited).

Seventy-six tombstones.

Passed out amongst the youth like

Summer camp is in session and it's

time for their lunch and juice.

That should be tough to swallow,

but the pills of truth often come

In doses so daily that they've lost

Their effect on society as a whole.

So we, in turn, pass indifference

Back in an even exchange,

off like shunned responsibility,

out like it's been a long night

When it's really been a long life

of indifference. And suffering.

And suffering. And indifference.

Except for those seventy-six.

Add ten to completely nix things,

& stand on the sidelines quietly

to show more concern for the game.

Well, A.I. doesn't have the Answers,

the Doctor can't save them,

and J's have never made for good bulletproof vests.

But I suppose it's easier to pass

than to take shots at ourselves

for taking shots at ourselves

while the children emulate us

and start taking shots, themselves.

No movies are being made

or pictures being taken

with flash photography.

Just flash fatalities.

While the children look on

standing atop the tombstones.