- Rush Hour Traffic.

I wish your compassion's flame burned as bright as your desire to love me.

I miss my dad on days like today.

And today is like all of the rest of them.

I wish that it was as easy to change our lives as it is to change lanes.

...then again, sometimes it's better that we don't even make the attempt.

I know because I just tried, & apparently I was infringing upon someone else's life.

She screamed through the horn to let me know.

So I'm never calling her again.

Do people buy love seat couches with love in mind, still?

Did they ever? I wish that they would.

I wish corner stores sold hope like they sell lotto tickets.

I wish drug dealers sold hope with the determination that they sell dope.

Or maybe I'm the dope that strung out on the idea of hope.

I wish every day were truly a new day, instead of a continuation of yesterday's plights & plagues.

It would be nice if nights were the soap, and morning skies were the rinse before the air dry.

Most of all, I wish that I didn't have to sit in this rush hour traffic, thoughts moving faster than the cars that have me boxed in.