Ready To Die (a "Hate Me Now" story)

Born to the sound of my momma's cries

At a disadvantage the moment I opened my eyes

I am Ready to Die.

Living as the enemy in a war that I didn't even know had begun

Being profiled as being more hesitant to flash a smile than a gun

Being isolated as vile, so there isn't an ally to which I can run

I am Ready to Die.

So I'm stuck here.

As the one not to be trusted

The one who should be feared

But at every turn reminded

That I am a nigger even if they were blinded....

And I am powerless.

Powerless to save myself

Powerless to save myself

Powerless to save myself,

If they REALLY want me dead, they will make it happen

....or just throw me in the box & give me one hundred years.

I am Ready to Die.

Shit looks grim, right?

So should I them a favor

Lie down in traffic

Jump off of a cliff

Look in the mirror and pull the trigger, right?

Or better yet, go on a rampage & take some more of those niggers with me, "yeah"?

Man fuck that.

I'ma make these assholes sick

I'ma make these bitches mad

I'ma have the weight of the hatin' ass world on my shoulders,

& walk like my theme music was made personally by God himself.

I'ma make these haters love me to the point where they start trying to become me.

I'ma make their parents have "that talk" about how they need to quit listening to my dope ass music, need to stop dressing like they have fashion sense, need to stop doing shit that all normal kids do but since some niggas were seen doing it, it's been re-christened a sin.

(And it's not going to be explained that way, but fuck them anyway.)

My job from now, until I get out of this shit ass "life" that you have created is to live like I don't give a fuck about what the so-called "better thans" feel or think of me. They think I'm here to be their self-esteem boost on gloomy days, (which, in reality is what I like to call "damn, I'm not the ruler of this planet like I thought that I was. Only 87% of things went my way today!") but I'm not. I'm here to make you hate me, get to know me & love me, then be reminded by your peers that you're "better than that" & hate me again. You're Ready for me to Die?

Fuck you. Here's my grin.