free love

The best things in life used to be free. But these days, even the notion of love is under lock & key. The costs of pain still remains, high priced with interest on recurring payments. And with our worlds' "normalcies "so immersed, so driven by others' suffering in so many ways, we often sit back pseudo-helplessly. How much can be improved upon while we remain in a relaxed state, lamenting on the ills of this world that readily condone hate? It's almost as if we just expect for the world to find its way, much like a hired driver would, & just let us know when we all get to a better place.




Open your eyes & just look around. We're merely treading water in rather creative ways, trading one hot button concern for another, giving focus to certain problems while completely ignoring ones that are shoulder-to-shoulder with the issues that 'we' decided to fix. The engine's running, but the system's broken.


Evolution is a textbook-spun illusion, and the sad reality behind "your enemies will define you" is that the descriptors don't necessarily have to be true to be readily believed. When one writes his story, he often paints himself as not only the victor, but as someone noble & just, slow to anger, & sympathetic to the plights of others.


I can't give peace to my loved ones until I give peace to myself. The excuses must get shelved, never to see another harvest to reap. And while the destructive side of me was well-fed, I have promises to keep. So here I go, trying to make mends on the fences that I used to picket from. The moral of the story burns, though: if you want to save yourself from living through Hell ever so present, no good book matches the gift of love. Consider it a lighter for the heart that's a dormant bonfire, waiting for the spark worth erupting for. Tonight, let's set our cages ablaze.