Round them up, then gather 'round:

This is a declaration for the nation,

Not a nigger in sight of the plight,

All are guilty enough to try

& escape in the still of the night.

Catch them before they flee

The prisons are for-profit buyers

Check the flyers: Black by the pound.

Here's your little shared cage,

here's your little food on a tray,

Be happy that you're allowed a recess

To bask worthless ass in the light of day. Be a good boy when you're told

to sit your ass down...still.

It's no longer plantations & cotton fields;

it's the industrial prison complex & assembly lines.

They let the dogs out to play,

if one gets too wild...euthanize.

Turning back clocks or not, time has been overdue for life-saving change

We need rehab for the rehab; the asylum is being run by the inhumane, the same ones who suggest that I am, how fucking insane.