it's all done & said.

I have finally completed my latest book, & the feeling of relief has arrived to hopefully stay a while. I'm finished. What I mean by 'finished' is that I will not be adding anything else to this collection. All of the writing that's been weighing me down has been expelled from my shell just in the nick of time. It truly felt like I was dying, carrying it all around. And of course I'm dying 24 hours more every day,  even when I'm feeling immortal, but death feels much more rapid when I'm analyzing. Thank you to every pair of eyes that have taken the time to read anything that I ever decided to write. It meant the world to me, as I unraveled & re-bound myself in front of you, in hopes of making even the slightest positive dent in this world. 

I would be remiss if I didn't publicly say thank you to my lady, as she is easily my biggest supporter. She's also the first set of eyes that I feel the final product has to pass positively. I also have to take the time to thank my friends & loved ones for helping me, with all three books, as I would tend to send them pieces for feedback/critique, or just share ideas with them. While I may or may not utilize said critique, it is always more than helpful. Also, I have to give a grand thank you & round of applause to the creator of the last two covers, Myla, who can be found at Finally, thank you. No matter the size, I do not have an audience without you.