Often I focus too much on what I've done

In trying to make this soil my own

Extending myself towards the sun

In an effort to show how I've grown.

I've come to realize though

In order for me to truly grow

There's shit I have to deal with

Extracting life's lessons & essence

From whatever the piles heaped.

Now, that's something to reap on.


Even when loved ones die before their sons rise

Stuffing dreams besides bodies in the back of hearses

The withering of life we truly cannot doctor

So we all end up nursing, 

trying to cool soothe the bruise of fall.

An ice cubed life we wanted to pot;

The dead said we can't afford Eden at all.

May feel a need to sing away the pain,

Roll with the curses in back of hearses

Draw the curtains closed.

Ask God if we're the foe

Stepped on too many toes

Committed the ultimate sin

trying to figure what this is.

And if Her answer is sunshine,

then fine, let the record show

Life seems devoid of photosynthesis

why will it not let us grow?

Why not marriage, Mother's Day, our grandkids' christening?

Instead of getting bundled up for others' sins again?


Don't worry and feel freer

Once the rain of eyes

No longer take you by surprise

especially on the emptier days.

When the cracks in the pavement

Begin to make a statement

They'll blame you for your displacement

Like their self-serving negligence isn't ancient

And the cracks in the foundation

Wasn't borne of their lack of maintenance.

The call flies once the line dries -

Know Love: it's a low-cost service 

that still works outside of churches

Makes hearts ears & eyes align

The sun shines upon all & one

As everyone shares the same garden

nourished with the same water falls

weeds, roses, violets, sunflowers & all.

Feed on a steady diet of light & truth

Train for the endurance to outlast plight

Hope for better tomorrows

Don't get pulled in the wrong direction

& the whole lot of us just might