seeds planted/grave stakes

Sometimes when I lie I try to(o)

abstain from feeling so Kurt Cobain

I don't really want to die

I don't really want to change

I don't really want to stay the same


I'm hidden until the world deems

me worth being beautiful, strange

I don't want the adulation, love

I'm too familiar with growing pains

I don't want the shine, sun

I'm too thirsty for the rain

I don't want any of the pride

I'm too familiar with the shame

Power's needed for the powerless

To feel more than inadequate is a goal

souls remain wrapped in gold, fools

wear a different mold.

days become hour-less,

the rest is just a ruse, at best

But there's no room to grow in burning the midnight oil

Just worldly greed & the need for your soul...planted in soil.

Bring flowers.